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I do my very best to answer every email that I receive. While I try to answer all notes with corporate efficiency inherited from my day job, sometimes it might take a few days for a response, especially if we’re on the go (as we often are!).

I’m always open to collaborations with brands, bloggers, photographers, fellow diplomats and global nomads – have an idea? Let’s chat about it.

Notes from the Field

I’m always looking for diplomats and spouses to collaborate with for the Notes from the Field series, which involves an e-mail interview questionnaire and sending in photos from your life at post. This series is open to all diplomats and spouses from all foreign services – don’t be shy, we’d love to get everyone’s perspective!

I’m especially interested if you’re willing to do a little home tour of your diplo-digs for a new series next year!


I currently work with a third-party affiliate service to provide a select amount of advertising and discounts relevant for this blog's readers.  I also occasionally write about specific products when they fit the style and nature of the blog, and when the product is something I would also use personally. Have questions about what a good fit might be? Email me for a media sheet and we can take it from there.


All views posted on this blog are my own, and all products and experiences featured are purchased on my own, unless otherwise noted with a “c/o” and sponsor delineation.

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