Friday, February 14, 2014

Photography Friday: Margriet Smulders...

I think I'm going to bring back a favorite column...I gave Photography Friday's a rest for a bit - after all, everything can use a little break.  But I've missed them...and lately, I seem to be inspired by all sorts of works all over again.  So we'll bring this one back but I'd love to hear if you enjoy them to!

Traveling is picking up again which means lots of airports and cabs (for work travel anyway) but it also means a chance to check out media in various places.  Even in places where I don't speak the language I like to pick up a few magazines just to see what else is happening in the world.  

On a layover in Frankfurt, the German version of Elle Decoration made it into my back and I only got a few pages in when completely floored by one single photograph (top) being used to advertise the works of Margriet Smulders which are being show at the Galerie Jordanow.

If the explosion of floral colors doesn't get you, her biography statement will.  Anyone who refers to herself as an "eternal traveler" is a kindred spirit in my book, but as she writes she feels compelled: 

"to express my desire to make the world a more beautiful place; it should be enjoyed by and made more enjoyable for as many people as possible, here and now" 

That struck an immediate chord with me.  Portraying the realities of the world is incredibly important work, but so is creating a world that is beautiful and that aspires to be more.  And with that, Happy Valentines!

All works by Margriet Smulders.

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  1. Oh, those photos do indeed make the world a more beautiful day. Love them. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Valentine's Day!


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