Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!  It's so so nice to be home - and I'm staying put for the next couple of weeks, hurrah! This weekend was all about catching up and spending some good family time together, check check and check.

A few links to get your Monday off to a good start!
  • I've seen more airline safety videos than I can count but this one would definitely get my attention (and how funny is the callout that you can use the oxygen mask as a portable loo...he he he)
  • And speaking of airplane travel, the view from the window seat seems to be the story of my life lately but I'm not the only one according to this flickr.
  • An unnecessarily close analysis of Ben Affleck's Oscar on!
  • And to the point of Ben Affleck, why it's completely okay to admit that marriage is "work".
  • A blog dedicated to the diplomacy of fashion
  • The say it's the new definitive guide to Washington, DC - what do you think?
  • Behind intrigue and closed doors of the Senate side gym
  • These guys would definitely have my money.  I saw everyone of their productions when I lived in Paris. Every single one. 
  • All anybody on the news in London was talking about... Here is your all purpose guide to eating horse meat.
  • Always on the lookout for eyeliner guidance, I think I can nail it with this. 
  • Trends in type from New York and London.
  • On hosting simple evenings.
  • And finally, not what I expected from this pioneer. But then again, maybe this is what the company needed and she had the courage to do it. Loved the well thought out responses here and here.  Having worked both ways I see the pros and cons of both.   But I think that means the real wave of the future is a hybrid...home days and in-days.  Curious to see where the debate goes...


  1. Oh no, I clicked on that guide to DC and got all caught up in nostalgia for DC restaurants. I know they used to be terrible but in the last 5-10 years they have gotten so much better and now there are so many great ones. I'll never forget the first time Chris took me to Citronelle for the time we went to Komi for his birthday. Or the time we went to MiniBar at Cafe Atlantico just because we didn't have a kid yet and we could. (Um why yes we DID spend all of our disposable income on food when we lived in DC!) And seeing Obama at Ben's Chili Bowl and oysters everywhere. Ah, le sigh. Maybe next post we'll be somewhere with both seafood and restaurants that open before 7pm for us diplo-tot toting folks.


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