Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cultural Attache: Minty Metamorphoses...

I had been looking forward to our plans to see the Metamorphoses show at the Arena Stage for some time - almost like the treat to the end of that work project I keep mentioning.  Just to have a Saturday night on the town again was definitely something to look forward to and the show did not disappoint.  

Based (loosely I would say) on Ovid's Metamorphoses, the show puts on David Slavitt's translation in what ends up being a "Best of..." of greek mythology, a diet version for those of us who's eyes droop a bit during the original translation (that would be me that's guilty of that).  And the whole show takes place around a pool built into the center stage...no matter what the story: Halcyon...Psyche and Eros...Midas..the water plays a central element.  When the show first started, I actually wondered how long they could carry on with this water theme and still make every story unique.  Turns out it's a long time.  The mere presence of water will make you consider the stories in a different way, and the whole staging around the water element was nothing short of beautiful magic, which basically helped remind that in the end, these are stories of gods that we're talking about.

The show also did a beautiful job of costuming...skirts of twinkle lights and Hedes in a leather rocker jacket all brought in an equal mix of contemporary and ethereal.  But what really stuck out I thought was the re-occurring fabric (usually for the mortals in the story) of minty greens with gold brocade.  I regret that I can't find a good picture because it really was something special.  It somehow conveyed both time and place all in one go.  So since I'm feeling a bit of metamorphoses, a bit of greek gods, a bit inspired by the whole pool thing, and a bit of spring around the corner, below are a few takes on this mint tinged change on the way...

1//Sandals  2// Scarf  3//Swimsuit  4// Tunic  5//Necklace  6//Pants  7//Bag

Catch Metamorphoses until March 17th at the Arena Stage.
Top photos from Teresa Wood for Arena Stage.

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