Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome to the neighborhood...

Things on 14th street, our neighborhood are really picking up, and I feel like it's going to be a whole new 'hood by the time spring settles in.  Which, after yesterday's 35 degree day, I hope will be very very soon. 

Lots of places opening, and it's been wonderful to have such a lively street just around the corner.  One of the latest additions has been Matchbox, a pizza and generally fun eatery.  Although it's a DC chain, I first ate at one in Palm Springs of all places, and we were converts since.  The problem, however, was that the main one was in Chinatown/Penn, which is great for location, but completely crazy for crowds.  Add one toddler into the mix and it just became too much hassle.  But now that there is a new (BIG) space literally just around the corner from us, a random crazing for a pizza (wood-fired! the only kind...) is now easily answered.  And the staff? Completely friendly, even to the wee ones, bringing out pizza dough for her to play with while we waited.  Diplo-tot approved!

Welcome to the neighborhood, Matchbox!


  1. That's one area I still need to explore! I'm glad you can get your pizza fix outside of crazy Chinatown now.

    I live around the Glover Park area and I feel like DC is doing really well building up their neighborhoods - seems like a new restaurant sprouts up every week. No complains here!

    1. Clare - head our way! 14th street has lots and will get even more though Glover Park is always on our explore list too - we have some good friends that live out there so good reminder for us to get out a bit!

  2. Found your site after the Travel Bloggers Meetup and thought I should say hi since we are practically neighbors. Looking forward to catching up on your DC posts. :)

    I hate to shamelessly plug, but I can't seem to link to my travel blog through this commenting system. I'm at www.meanderly.com.

    1. Kristin, a big hello back! I always love a good DC neighbor!


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