Thursday, February 28, 2013

London Living...

When I'm in London, I always pick up an issue of Living Etc on my way home - actually, I pick up all kinds of magazines but I've been reading Living Etc. ever since I've had to wait for the imported version for which I paid an exorbitant price for at the Georgetown Barnes and Noble.  Now I just pay an exorbitant price in pounds at the airport magazine rack.  Well...exhorbitant to me because of exchange rate.  As far as I can tell, Londoners and I have somewhat of a different opinion on what qualifies as exorbitant.

But in any case, I thought I would share one of their recent home features.  Lately I was feeling a bit that I had 'outgrown' Living Etc - the mix of hi/lo; global/local self decorating wasn't as new to me anymore, and often I was finding the images a little too busy.  I'm not so much sure it was them, it was probably mostly me.  But nonetheless I still buy it on my trips and while I might not necessarily choose everything for myself, I always end up inspired by what people are doing with their homes in the UK that pushes the envelope.

This is a Victorian apartment from London and it's pretty amazing what they do with pattern and color in a very non-traditional way.  And that bathtub is something else - I think I could enjoy a cup of tea or two in there for sure.

All photographs by Jack Fitzjones for Living Etc.


  1. I love Living Etc. We renovated two Victorian semis when we lived in Toronto - LOVE the layout and all that can be done with as shown in Living Etc.

  2. I never bought it! Now I'm going too!


Thanks for sharing!

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