Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday from London! I have been looking forward to this week for the past six weeks since this week is all about getting ready to wrap up a big work project.  After this week, looking forward to getting some sleep again, workouts in, an actual full weekend at home, and maybe even a little detox (or milkshake - we'll see how the mood strikes).
In the meantime, lots of fun links to kick off your Monday!
  • So what belongs in a wedding ad anyway? This photographer thinks it’s only love
  • So proud of my high school alma mater and their debate team – yes, I was once a debater too!
  • Excited to find a new city guide for our new post!
  • A troll forest? Add to the to-see list for Denmark that I’ve started
  • See New York like a New Yorker:
  • I keep beauty products to a minimum but definitely picked up some good recommendations here, especially on the inner eye liner.
  • Love this little video on how to take the Paris metro
  • How beautiful to have the Louvre all to yourself…
  • Tell me your not fascinated by these scenes of Sri Lanka on Super 8mm
  • Looking forward to welcoming some Greek to our neighborhood!
  • Secret societies? We still have those? Yup – at least they do in Georgetown. 
  • Adding this confetti installation to see on an upcoming trip to NYC.
  • For all those waiting out the winter – also, this video completely reminds me of my brother
  • Cool new app for teaching foreign language to littles –  if they’re on the iphone anyway, they might as well be learning it in another language.
  • Twitter for diplomats, the book.
  • And in other exhibit of US Diplomacy gone viral, the Bangkok Embassy does the Harlem Shake! We definitely have to look into this more as a future post.

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  1. Paris and Sri Lanka -- my two favorite places!


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