Friday, February 22, 2013

Gearing up for a chef's challenge...

1//Apron  2//Measuring Cups  3//Olive Wood Tasting Spoons 4//Vodka glasses  5//Recipe journal 

I mentioned earlier on Monday about a new project that I'll be working on across the next month that I'm pretty excited to share a bit more about.  Every year, Cultural Tourism DC, a fantastic organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of Washington neighborhoods, stages an embassy chef vs embassy chef  challenge.  Kind of like the Iron Chef, except that instead of working in restaurants, these chefs spend their day to day serving up some of the world's top diplomats.

I'll be bringing you a few fun posts across the next month until the big event on March 14th, but I thought I would kick it off with my list of a few items I'm preparing.  I'm neither judge nor official taster but who knows what the opportunities will be?  An apron with a string of pearls will keep the diplo-outfit in its diplo-finest shape (and really, pearls on an apron? yes please).  A measure here, a taste there, and a bit of palate cleanser at the end.  You might think vodka glasses aren't in a tasting repertoire but when one of the competing finalists is the Embassy of the Russian Federation, I'm betting these will be put to good use.  Finally, a little notebook dedicated to the cause to keep track of all the adventures.

I hope to see you there!

This post was sponsored in collaboration with The Embassy Chef Challenge. 

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