Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Diplo-picks: Culture Baby!

Okay, so I think I might got a bit fan girl on you but I honestly can't remember I was so inspired by baby goods, across the board.  Yesterday, Natalia graciously shared all about her life in Morocco with us in Notes from the Field, and so today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pics from her shop, Culture Baby.

1. I mentioned this dress in my Happy Monday links last week but I keep going back to it, especially since I'm in London this week.  When diplo-tot finally makes it with me one of these trips, this is definitely going into the suitcase.  Now, if only there were a matching piece for me...

2. US President's Building Blocks: A cool twist on an old favorite and as we get ready for our next move away from the US, this would be a fantastic way to to bring in some Presidential history while we're abroad.  A must have for any tot, especially far away from home.

3.  A peace nursery garland - there's something about the texture here that just makes me want to reach out and touch it through the screen.  Also, peace doves, isn't that what diplomacy is all about in the end?

4. Kimono pyjamas - Again something I wish would come in my size.  I've been sad that as we approach the start of potty training, I was thinking we would have to say good-bye to diplo-tots beloved "footie" pyjamas to make the on/off thing just as easy as we can for the nighttime routine.  But a beautiful pair of these I think would be great way to start with something new, exiting (and pink! we're definitely having a pink phase chez nous), while not losing any of that girly cuteness.

5. Lambskin slippers - And for a third time, wish it came in my size.  They look just perfectly cozy for winters in Denmark!

The Culture Baby shop focuses on a small, curated set of goods from each major region of the world and as a final note, Natalia wanted to hear if any any readers had products form their home countries that fit in line with the Culture Baby aesthetic.  In Natalia's words, "We've always counted on internationally placed women and families who have a good design eye to tell us what items are reflecting culture with a modern twist.".  Got ideas? Natalia is listening! Reach out to Culture Baby at

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