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ALT Summit: THE Guide to NYC Guides...

So you're coming to New York? The city that never sleeps? The city that has it all? The city that fill in any superlative statement? Yep, those are precisely the reasons to go to New York and to love every minute.  However, because it's the city that literally has anything and everything, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Even if you're looking for a guide, it's not clear on where to start, so I thought I'd pull together a little compilation of the guides that have become my go-to when I head out for NYC.

What have been your favorites guides and tips for New York?  I know there's lots more out there so share your ideas - also, if you have your own guide to the city, add your link in the comments!

From the Blogosphere:

A Blog about Love's Guide to Manhattan Restaurants: In addition to knowing a thing or two about love, Mara and Danny definitely know a thing about eating, so check out their list for where to consume just about any kind of food in the city.

The Parket ETC Guide to NYC: A great collection of posts on different aspects to NYC, but see the "like a local" page on how to flag a cab and other helpful hints.  Hint: those lights on the cab actually mean something.

Cup of Jo's NYC Guide: Love this collection of inside scoops on the city - Joanna Goddard really picks some cool things I otherwise would not have tried or found on my own.  Some of those underground massage parlors? Turns out they're legit.

Design Sponge City Guide to Harlem: This funky neighborhood is often not on the beaten path but has so much history, definitely an NYC must.

Note to Self's Tribute to NYC Movies: Get in the spirit for your upcoming visit with this little collage of NYC cinema!

New York City Apps:

Goop City Guide to NYC: Who wouldn't want to act like Gwynnie in New York? Best of all, it's an app right to your phone so you always have it on you.

WallPaper City Guide to New York: Wallpaper's little pantone like books have been a go-to travel staple of mine for awhile.   You can tuck them in just about anywhere, but now the new app format puts all you need to know on your digital self.  Still, I love to collect the hardcopies for all their colors.

CityDoping NYC Guide: The app built for seeing New York like a local - it promises to take you right to the places that New Yorkers would actually go, rather than places people visiting New York would like to go.  Fancy little video about it too.

A guide on Pinterest:

Wayfare's NYC: A new twist on a guide, Wayfare pulled all of their go-to ideas in one single Pinterest board - happy re-pinning!

From the online mag-o-sphere:

Monocle's 25 Series Guide to NYC: Everything you need to know about NYC literally on one page.  Download the pdf and take it with you on every trip, it will point you in the right direction on nearly any need you might have.

Fathom's Guide to New York:  I love this new entrant into online travel reporting, and their NYC picks don't disappoint, from which souvenirs to pick up and how to travel the city solo, this collection of helpful articles and picks has you covered.  They also have more special interest guides to the city, like how to have a fairytale romance in NYC, and a fun, colorful collaboration with Kate Spade.

36 Hours in New York City: The NYTimes 36 hours series is still my favorite go-to when I only have a quick trip to a city.  This one is from a couple of years ago but still a good guide on how to structure a quick-hit.

Three Perfect Days: New York City: Similar to the above, the TPD series from the United Magazine always gives me good ideas on how to structure a short visit to a city, and always makes me take advantage of transit time to see or do something I wouldn't otherwise.

Elle Decor Goes to Brooklyn: This MADE me want to see Brooklyn asap, and makes you realize that the boroughs of the city are no slouches either.

New York City's New Downtown: Travel and Leisure's picks for a neighborhood I frequently find myself in for work.

New York Magazine: Um, I use the online magazine site for just about everything: great articles, restaurant recommendations and how to do just about anything in NYC. And a hard copy for the train always gets me excited for the next trip!

T + L's Guide to Dynamic NYC Neighborhoods: New picks from the September 2012 issue (dedicated to NYC!) from the Tribeca, Harlem, and Williamsburg neighborhood - lots of recommendations for brand new places for eating...seeing..doing!

Design Revolution in Chelsea: More new picks, all focused on design, from T+L as well as as a neighborhood walking tour.

NYC Architecture by H20: One of my favorite things I've done in Chicago was to take the architectural cruise from the river since it's the best way to see some of the gorgeous unique buildings that define it - NYC has finally gotten smart to it and offers a cruise as well, fabulously written up in the NYT.  Definitely on my list for our next visit! Look through the slideshow for an early preview.

This post was updated again on May 21, 2013.


  1. I loved Amy's guide (Parker Etc.)! It's a good one.

    I've posted several times about New York on my blog, but I'll point you to my guide to Lower Manhattan on my friend Allie's blog in case you're interested: http://blog.allisonlehman.com/2012/07/city-guide-lower-manhattan/

  2. You might also try the Guide to New Your at Emma Carlson's blog which have a bunch of pragmatic tips that I haven't seen elsewhere (how the street numbering / addresses work, cabs 101, etc)

  3. Great collection! I just updated my Brooklyn & NYC guides too: http://christinamm.wordpress.com/?s=new+york+city+guide

  4. I wish they also have guides like these for bars in east london so that it will be easier for us to go about them when we visit london in the near future.


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