Monday, June 4, 2012

Exotic America: Halfway to Dixie...

Summer's here, let the roadtrips officially begin! We realized that with the transition to summer, we only have about a year left here in Washington before it's time to pick up and move again - location still to be determined.  It's time to start making bucket lists and time to start taking advantage of the area, this year will blow by before we know it.  This weekend we arranged for a blueberry picking outing (more on that to come still) but on our way back we stopped through the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia, which really is a bit of a throwback to another era.

Fredericksburg really made its mark historically during colonial times as the birthplace of George Washington is just outside the town in Ferry Farm (we passed through on our way to the berry farm), and it was the site of not one but two major Civil War battles.  I guess when you're halfway between the Union capital of DC and Confederate capitol of Richmond, you draw that kind of attention.  And finally, during the civil rights movement, Fredericksburg had some movement of its own with sit-in's at four separate lunch counters after the Woolworth's model in 1960 (see the original Woolworth's counter at the American History Musuem here in DC), resulting in the desegregation of the counters.  Most of the lunch counters have now been reworked into antique malls, but one still functions and you can even still order a Coca-cola straight from the fountain while on a chrome stool.

Today, the town caters a lot to antiquers, and there are tons of music shops that line the streets as well.    Classic cars seem to be a dime a dozen as well.  History buffs will find plenty to study up on here but it's also just a pleasant walk through the town, and if you happen to be into classic typography and fonts, there are all sorts of gems on the original signage around town.  A nice surprise for a Saturday afternoon.

All photos by The New Diplomat's Wife via Instagram.


  1. My husband and I visited Fredericksburg, Va., a few years ago. We loved walking around the down town area. Despite all the new & hip stores and restaurants that have popped up, the town still felt old world. We loved it. If we ever get to visit again, we'll definitely have to check out the Civil War attractions.

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. Nothing like that deadline to get the travel juices flowing! I lived in southern Africa for two years and it FLEW by - tried to maximize the side trips as well but STILL didn't get to everything that I wanted to see.

  3. I love Fredericksburg! My husband and I got married there in April (we live in DC, for now -- shipping off to our first post this summer!). There is so much history -- it really does feel like a different era. The church where we got married was actually used as a Union hospital during the Civil War.

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Sorry we missed out - Bub napped the whole way back!

  5. I went to undergrad in Fred-vegas and it will always have a special little place in my heart. I hope you got one of the killer milkshakes at Goolricks!


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