Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tulips on fire...

My family has always given my mother a hard time about her "artsy" pictures of flowers.  We'll be looking through photos from a trip to where ever, and then all of the sudden, there could be 20, 30, 40 photos all in a row of a bush or fern, sometimes just a tabletop violet.  It speaks to her I get it.  But we still giver her a hard time.

This weekend was all about impromptu plans and we paid a visit to our friends who have a garden anyone could envy.  Not only to they grow all kind of edibles which are actually good to eat, but they decorate place settings with flowers like dinner plate dahlias which come out the size of ...wait for it...dinner plates.  No joke.  Talk about presentation to die for.  

Nothing commonplace about these tulips which we caught this Saturday.  Parrot tulips are some of my favorite flowers - in Vienna, we used to have to pay 3 or 4 euros PER EACH ONE, so a bundle purchase was for special occasions only,  My friend could make a fortune selling these in Europe - this is like thousands of euros, right in their backyard! These tulips were literally the color of fire, just too gorgeous to look at.  I told my friend it was like the next best thing to owning a Georgia O'Keefe - maybe even better.   Tulips are such a fleeting flower and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them.

Then I realized I am turning into my mother.

All photos by The New Diplomat's Wife.

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  1. Of course I love this! Gorgeous photos and though we do all tend to turn into our mothers I might ask, is it such a bad thing when the result is simply a feast of flowers?


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