Friday, February 24, 2012

Photography Friday: Under the Sea with Mark Tipple...

Technically today is the last Friday of the month, so we should be doing Photography Book Club - I've already read and highlighted just about every other page of Jose Villa's book, but I just need a bit more time to put  it all into a coherent post to do it justice (those of you reading along, you get a bonus week!).  In the meantime, since we'll be doing a bit of time under the sea to explore the reefs of Cozumel as you read this, I thought today's photographer would be appropriate.

I saw Mark Tipple's photographs on the Aether Journal blog, and I immediately checked out his website for more, and honestly, couldn't get enough. This collection of images showing swimmers - mostly surfers - struggling against the ocean but captured in a moment of makes you realize both the peace that can be found underwater as well as the sheer force that water and its movement can have.  You can feel the rush and the stillness all at the same time.

While in Mexico we'll be diving - not surfing (not sure I'm cut out for that!), but part of the reason why I continue diving is that there is nothing quite like the underwater world, and no matter how rough the boat ride or how kooky the dive master, there's a certain peace that comes with being in a totally quiet in blue, weightless to the world.  Previously, I could only experience that diving, but now I see it in Tipple's work too.  He offers a special edition book of giclee prints for $150 that can be removed and framed, or individual prints between $85 and $850.  Seems like a more than a reasonable price to have just a small representation of that underwater calmness somewhere other than underwater.

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  1. WOW! These look amazing! Great blog, found you through J*'s blog!


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