Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diplo-man of Style: Christopher Plummer...

We missed the Oscars frenzy (or maybe lack of frenzy from what I've read?) last night but I was elated to see that Captain Von Trapp...I mean Christopher Plummer...won for best supporting actor.  Number one, he has been deserving of one since...well, since he played CVT but I'm sure he would be appalled to read that given that he's always considered that a two bit role.  Two bits or not two bits, he will always be the Captain to me.  But number two, he really did play the role excellently in Beginners.  We watched it right before our trip - it didn't hold much interest for diplo-husband, who nodded off half way through but I thought he made his character capture self-discovery, new singlehood, older age, and imminent death in such an elegant and captivating way.

And he rolled out in style - nothing says "I know who I am" like a velvet smoking jacket and an easy going smile, and of course, nothing goes with a velvet smoking jacket as well as a little gold statuette can.  Also, is it me or does he have a spot of edelweiss in his lapel? Maybe he's not as anti-von trapp as he makes himself out to be.  And those bandanas? Looks fit for an alpine stroll to me, where dare I say it, the hills are alive?

Congratulations, Mr. Plummer....I mean, Captain!


  1. He is a great actor! although I didn't realize he was the same actor that played Von Trapp! :)

  2. I had no idea of what he looked like as a young man - very handsome indeed!

  3. I was so SO pleased to see that he had won. Squeal in the car on the way to work pleased. I rather wished he might have won for his portrayal of Tolstoy last year. Still haven't seen 'The Beginners' but I'm thinking that I might rent it soon!

  4. I'm glad he finally won an Oscar too. He was the perfect Captain von Trapp although I heard that he actually hates children and they were all scared of him on the set. My husband and I saw him a couple of years ago at Stratford (Ontario) playing in The Tempest. He over 80 years old at the time and was amazing. You can see his (somewhat blurry) photo in my post: http://gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.ca/2010/07/my-sunday-date-with-christopher-plummer.html.

  5. He will always be my captain too ;-)
    Had a crush on him since I was like seven and tried to watch as many of his movies as possible.
    I live in the Gramercy Park area in NYC and was elated to bump into him this May 18th, 2012!
    He was very gracious and even posed for me!
    Did not want to impose and ask for an autograph, but I was thrilled nevertheless! Love him.
    You can see his pictures and post on my blog:



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