Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mommy and Me: Bahama Mamas

Bahama Mamas

Bahama Mamas by thenewdiplomatswife featuring a stripe dress

Greetings from the isles of the Bahamas! While we're away I've put together a few posts full of sunshine to keep you company in these drearies of January.

This is just a quick jaunt so not too much to pack, and while running into Old Navy the other day, I couldn't pass up these navy and white kind of matching but kind of not dresses. Chevrons for diplo-baby, and a mariniere dress for me (can you believe it was only $30??).  Perfect for a stroll through Old Town Nassau... 

PS - Does anyone know how to get ride of these weird white spaces in Polyvore? 


  1. Have to say I am envious of being able to match your daughter! Haven't figured out a way to match Tony yet, although I do like to dress both Hub & Bub in plaid at the same time. ;)


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