Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And speaking of bookstores..and videos...

And speaking of bookstores and videos... This video started making the rounds on facebook and was featured on Design Mom today - normally I try very hard not to repost something but I just couldn't pass this one up, especially in light of the post of the Georgetown Bookstore closing yesterday, and the one on videos on Monday.

Two things jumped out at me about this - in addition to this being completely amazing (I can't even imagine how much went into doing this), the first is that it's called "The Joy of Books".  And the second is that at the very end, it just zooms to a book with a title "There is Nothing Quite Like a Real Book".  I couldn't agree more on both counts.

I was thinking about this some more last night after the post.  When I was reading all the development advice when diplo-baby was on the way (with Bright from the Start being my favorite), everyone says that you should give babies books from an early age. Obviously they can't read yet, and frankly, they likely can't even sit through while you read.  But they say that just being exposed to it means something - that they can touch and feel and see and flip pages and understand that there is something meaningful on that page. 
I'm not saying that we should throw away all of our new media that makes a lot of convenience possible.  I just think that there is a place for both, which I think applies to everything - digital photography vs film, a movie adaptation vs. theather, ipod vs. records, printed cards vs a handwritten note, take out vs. a freshly baked, entirely handmade cake... 

There is something about opening up a "real" book that has a certain feel, and even the smell of freshly printed pages has something that you just can't replicated elsewhere.  There's something about cracking open a book that can be the start of a new story, a new adventure, something new to learn, and other media doesn't quite have that same feeling.  With so many bookstores closing, I wonder if there will be a whole generation that misses out on the experience of a physical bookstore.  If just being around books is good for babies, surely it is good for us as adults too?

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