Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's all in the (royal) family...

The official wedding portraits have been released and me thinks they look quite good! While still formal, I think they managed to stay away from the stuffy awkwardness that seems to fill posed potrait shots.  And I have to say, the dress photographs beautifully.  Part of me was a bit sad that I think people will forever compare her look to Grace Kelly, but the other part thinks the now Duchess made a fantastic call on the dress and it's one tha will definitely age well in its posterity.

As for the ceremony, for me it was filled with small annoyances (Did Harry forget to comb his hair? Why is William slouching? What happened to the royal upholster - didn't he notice that the maroon of the ceremony chair clashes with the electric red of Wills' jacket? And where was the rest of the fly-over squadron - I've been to air shows in Fargo, ND where the Happy Hooligans put on more of a show than tha B-52 bomber and twin props that they rolled out for the salute)  But I suspect that these are small things noticed only by yours truly.  In the big picture, it was beautiful, and Kate looked beautiful, and here's to hoping that they all get their fairy tale endings...after all, the world is watching.

And that brings the TRW to a close...the only item left to discuss is Harry and Pippa.  Did they...or didn't they?

Photos from People Magazine.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You can never have too much kielbasa...

Although the Easter markets in Vienna are gorgeous, I think this weekend's festivities in Krakow would give them a run for their money.  Not only do we have eggs and folk crafts galore, but kielbasy and pierogi like you've never seen them before.  This is for those serious about Easter eating.   And in Poland, we're always serious about Easter eating.

All Photography by The New Diplomat's Wife.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hitting the beach...

Not literally...with this weather, it's more like hitting the umbrella stand.  But gray skies, and quickly approaching summer days were both good reminders that it's time to go scouting for friends with summer homes!  Friends with access to sunshine, and chilled drinks over crushed ice, and sea breezes and sumptous guest towels...Now how can I make friends with these guys?

All photos from Elle Decor.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A spring wardrobe...

We're going through those weird spring weather swings: sunny and seventy one day, rainy and forty the next.  You can't really wear a heavy jacket but you can't go without one, and you can't quite break out the sandals, but the boots are getting too warm.  The daily conundrum now of what to wear (all the more ridiculous since I work from home and could frankly wear my pyjamas if I wanted to but refuse to in order to maintain some sense of diplomatic dignity and productivity) reminded me of the spring fashion spread I saw in March's Monocle magazine.  I promised to hunt down the full set of pics and here they are, shot in Japan's Ohori Park in Fukuoka.  Fitting since Tyler Brule seems to be fully enamored with anything Japanese, much as I am enamored with anything Tyler Brule (ego or no ego).  In any case, note that there are multiple looks that look diplomatically cute in rain or shine.

All photography by Seishi Shirakawa for Monocle.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Reese's Circus Pieces...

For all the fashion forward out there, you may have already spied Reese Witherspoon's in this month's Vogue, but for us homesteading pioneers here in Vienna, we get our mail with some delay so I was delighted to find Reese's shoot inspired by Like Water for Elephants.

I'm pretty excited for this movie to make it here - it had been one of my favorite book club reads in the past years. And yes, it made me cry. Anything with older people feeling lost in today's society makes me cry. Frankly, much to diplo-husband's dismay, even something as simple as an older person taking a bit longer to cross the street makes me cry. I just know that the day when the world will spin faster than I can keep up with will come sooner than I think. It did for my grandmother - she often tells me she's always surprised when she looks in the mirror since she still expects to see someone in her 30's, not her 80's.

But when I'm in my 80's, hopefully I can remember the adventures of my 30's with as much color and vividness as these shots.  Also, given Reese's proximity to the animals here, it looks like it was shot at someplace that enforces the rigor of the Budapest zoo.

All photos from Vogue.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glitter eggs! Glitter eggs!

I couldn't narrow it down to just one for this holiday Sunday, so please enjoy the following shots from the Am Hof Easter market, which feature gorgeous handmade decorative eggs that Austrians display hanging from flowers branches much like Christmas ornaments, or in baskets.  They're blown eggs so they are very delicate, but it's impossible to walk by these stands without buying some.  I know they'll take a hit on our transatlantic move home, but I'm hoping some will survive their long sea journey in a container ship so that we can keep this tradition going in our new home.

Happy Easter everyone!

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