Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking ahead to 2012...

New year...new you. I know some people don't care for lists of resolutions but I've always found them helpful - it's good to get on paper (online?) what you're working towards, even if you don't always get there.  Lists are to some degree aspirational.  I didn't get to all of last year's, but I definitely did try.  When I didn't do something - like run the marathon - it's because it just wasn't the right time (i.e. scars not yet healed from surgery).  But the intent was there and I did lace up those shoes - without the resolution, I wouldn't have bothered at all.  We didn't go to Dubai, but we tried - our pediatrician advised against it at the time so we took his word  - but we did lots of other travel instead to make up for it.  And there is lots we did do that was there - having a list of goals keeps me focused and gives you a starting point.

So that's last year, now here's what on tap for this year!

1. Detox, detox, detox!
Definitely step one.  Last year I couldn't do one as I was nursing diplo-baby, this year I have more leeway.  Last year one of my goals was to lose the baby weight and I came oh so close - within three pounds to be precise, but then the winter came, work travel came, the stress of the balancing act came, and more importantly I stopped nursing and boom, I started backsliding faster than I could figure out what happened.  It's not just the weight though, it's more that with the work and travel, I've fallen prone to some less than ideally healthy habits - too much caffeine, too many comfort chocolate chip cookies, too many meals on the go, so time to just spruce up and regroup.  Clean canvas.

2. Run, run, run!
This is tied to number one in some way.  It could be running, or it could be yoga...anything.  I just need to get moving.  Now that I'm not nursing, I have at least that 60 minutes back at the start and end of my day that used to be devoted to pumping that now should be devoted to getting me back to feeling like me, starting with getting moving in some way.  I might have to start small but I do have to start.

3.  Plan breaks...and keep them.
Once we moved back to DC, it was all a whirlwind.  We had been go good about taking long weekends, or even day trips from Vienna, because so much was right outside our door.  Once we were back, our work schedules, being back in the office and ramping up to the new pace of life, not to mention a big financial shift (yep, the dirty secret they never tell you about when you move back), definitely had us not planning any breaks, or worse yet, planning but then canceling them.  I missed having little breaks and big breaks to look forward to so we need to get better about planning them from the outset and sticking to them.  They don't have to be ginormous glamourous vacations (thought I won't turn those down) but at least little things that we know are coming.  This includes time as a family, time as a couple, and time for just me.

4.  Do a creative project.
My day job is rewarding in its own way, and it's a necessity for me for a multitude of reasons.  But I'm finding more and more that if I want to be happy and focused in my day job (which is HR consulting for the curious) then I also need to get something creative going so that I have that outlet.  I have the blog which is great, but I'm looking to have something with a clear start and finish that I can call my own, and even hopefully share with a partner.  Nothing set in stone yet but I definitely have some ideas on what that could be - 2012 is the year I'm going to get it done.

5.  Throw a few parties.
You might have noticed that I haven't featured too many recipes or entertaining parties on the blog this year.  With all the transitions, we fell into a bit of a rut.  Not because we had a baby, but moreso because we were seemingly always in a state of transition: preparing to leave, leaving, coming, going, moving, waiting, moving again, putting our things in storage.. In our DC apartment, we kept things to a minimum for space reasons, but I think it's time to just get a few more glasses and plates and have people over like we used to.

6.  Read a photography book...every month.
This one is linked a bit to number four too.  Ultimately, the best way for my photography to get better is to practice, without a doubt.  But I enjoy photography and knowing what others have to say about it, and I'm a firm believer that you can learn a lot from others.  Also, because I love photography, I love seeing beautiful photographs and the best way to see those, aside from exhibits is through books.  Stay tuned for a special kind of book club.

7.  Define my computer time.
Between working a full day, mostly on the computer, doing the blog, uploading, editing and processing photos, and then the general day to day living that needs the computer, I'm on it a lot.  Probably too much.  And I'm not very disciplined in how I manage that time.  If resolution number four comes through, that will be even more.  So I really need to get organized on how to allocate that time, and how to allocate time away from the computer so that I can focus on things that don't need one...my family, my husband, my daughter and friends.

8.  Get over myself and take the metro.
I always have a reason for a cab over the metro: I'm running late...it's raining...it's rush hour...I have heels on...I feel blue that day...I feel happy that day...whatever, there is always something.  I've never had an issue with public transportation, but since being pregnant, I don't much care for being underground.  But I'm not pregnant anymore and I definitely can't afford to keep up this cab habit.  Also, walking to and from the train would definitely help me with resolution number two, so time to get some good flats and get to the station.

9.  See Mexico.
Even they are our neighbors to the south, I have never been.  And there's not just one place I want to see in Mexico, there are TONS.  In fact, I could probably do a six month stint there.  I want to see the Frida Kahlo house...I want to see Oaxaca...I want to see jaguars...I want to see those floating boats that everyone is always talking about... I want to see what a living, breathing megacity really looks like.  I want to see the Pacific coast...I want to climb pyramids...I want to eat REAL tacos al pastor.  We have several friends in DF so I'm hoping this is the final impetus for us to go; and of course we just won the trip to Maroma so this should get us to the coast.  Obviously, we can't do everything but at least I want to make the first step.

10.  Appreciate Washington.
Last year, I had a resolution to make the most of Vienna, this year I should do the same for Washington.  This is my home, and I love it, but I have also found being back much harder than I anticipated, and I found that I miss Vienna, and our life there much more than I expected.  But we live here, and not there, and next year this time, we will be making our final bucket lists for DC while preparing for the next adventure so here's to making 2012 all about appreciating what's good about home, the US and our new life here.

Photo credits for Resolutions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Header photo from Washington Post.


  1. Love all of this! I'm looking forward to 2012.

  2. Great resolutions and cant wait to hear more about the book club.

  3. I love resolutions. Thanks for the read. =)


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