Monday, August 15, 2011

When you're homesick for Vienna...

About six months before we left for Vienna, we started going to this little place called Kafe Leopold on a friend's recommendation.  We thought it was good, and diplo-husband kept making us go back under the auspices of promoting the idea of going to Vienna.  You see, at the time, I wasn't all that excited.  I thought Vienna would be sleepy...I didn't speak German...I had my heart set on Bangkok (I don't know why, it was never presented in as an option...but I did).  So I pouted a bit but dutifully kept going back to Leopold's because the coffee was soooo good.

Fast forward three years and now we're going back to Leopold's at my request so that I can wallow in my memories of fantastic days - almost like a real Hapsburg.  I recognize more from the menu now, and I'm no longer confused by what I used to think were menu oddities - such as why do they serve a plate of only asparagus? Or why does the coffee come on a little silver tray with a carafe of water? What is an eier im glas?

The space is modern inside and has a lovely courtyard outside - schnitzel is on the menu, but where they really excel is brunch.  And their pastries - they don't come cheap, but it's the ony place in town to reminisce over a meinl melange and a sachertorte (not their best one, but we're going for nostalgia here - for the best ones, try the key lime or fraisier).  Plus, the tucked away location in Cady's Alley means it's both grown up and kiddie friendly without sacrificing one for the other.  In fact, the only major malfunction at Leopold's is their private events capability - we tried to book our event post diplo-baby's baptism here but to no avail, but that's a longer story.  Perhaps the only non-Austrian thing about them is that they don't take reservations.

So if you're looking for us around town, chances are we're reliving the good times of Vienna over Aperol Spritz's and sacherwurstl at Leopold's - pull up a chair, nostalgia always loves company.

Kafe Leopold
3315 M Street - (Cady's Alley)
Washington, DC 20007

Pics by iphone, The New Diplomat's Wife.


  1. The Meinl cup by Matteo Thun in Washington DC, who'd have thunk? ;-)

    Reading about "Key Lime" makes me drool. Fresh Fields/Whole Foods used to bake Key Lime bars that had the most exquisite lime flavor. The bottom crust was a little underdone for my taste, but now I would give a fortune for a single bite. ;-)

    Have you been at the Poupon Patisserie?

  2. Re cabs in DC:
    I could not believe my eyes when I first came to Vienna and watched all those Mercedes Taxi waiting in line at the airport!

  3. Merisi, not only the meinl cup, but meinl coffee too! mmmm!
    and yes on key lime - i just got back from a weekend in FL last week where I was eating key lime anything anytime it was on the menu.

    And yes on patisserie poupon, that's also been a house favorite - good reminder to go back soon!


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