Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exotic America: Food on Trucks at Truckaroo...

During some point of our three years abroad, it became fashionable to purchase your lunch or dinner off the back of a truck.  And then track those trucks studiously through social media mechanisms.  And then complete the cycle by posting pictures of yourself victoriously consuming the goods off the back of this truck.

The truck can take on any number of food provenance or themes, and they are becoming more and more exotic.  From BBQ and cupcakes to empanadas and  mexican popsicles, and now korean barbeque and lobster...and salads, grilled cheese, cheesecake, and hawaiian grill, anything is fair game for a food truck.  (Perhaps I should open my own pierogi truck?)  The one that I really have a love affair with is the Schnitzel and Things truck, but alas it can only be found in New York. 

For a crash course in all things food truck, we headed out to Truckaroo, a monthly "festival" of food trucks out at Navy Yard, where 25 trucks or so park in one location for a meals on wheels smorgasbord.  A couple of things became quickly apparent at this jamboree.  One, the Navy Yard are itself has come a long way since we were gone, but that's not quite to the point.  Two, trying to eat something off a food truck takes a looooooooong time.  The lines at this place (pictured below) are insane.

We tried a bit of BBQ from the PORC truck - BBQ passable but a bit dry and they were out of cole slaw, and the "german" potato salad seemed to lack any oomph (or salt), but I give the guys credit for working hard in the smoldering heat, the Red Hook Lobster Rolls, which I have to say were excellent and generous on the lobster but required nearly an hour wait and not your standard definition of truck fare at $15 a pop (though I just had a much more mediocre lobster roll at Serendipity 3 in Georgetown and paid $19 and also waited an hour and that was in a restaurant, you can skip that one), and wrapped up with some cupcakes from Curbside Cupcake since Sweetbites Cupcakes were actually out of cupcakes (or maybe it was the other way around).  The cake base was good but frosting way too cloying.

So that's the scoop on Truckaroo. If you come with friends and are willing to catch up on a lovely summer evening to pass the time and you're laid back about it, it's okay - if you don't like to alternate standing around with sitting on the cement, this event is probably not for you.

The famous Red Hook Lobster Roll.


More lines.
All photos via camera+ and instagram by The New Diplomat's Wife.

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