Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diplo-Style: Marie Chantal Miller

Some people fall into the "oh she would be the perfect girl" category.  Others fall in to the "oh they're the perfect couple" category.  And a new category I've noticed of late is the "perfect family" category.  Marie Chantal Miller, and Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, seem to hit all three nails squarely on the head - aesthetically anyway.  I'm sure, like all perfect people, there are things we don't see, but at least outwardly, they're pretty perfect - great looks, great gallivanting life...oh, and great royal title.  From a country that doesn't have a monarchy since 1974.  Ha! Where do I get one of those?

There's actually a pretty extensive article in Vanity Fair about the couple, which, apart from being an interesting read as a synopsis of the remains of the former Greek royal family, has quotations that only an exiled royal family could have :

“They’ve been fabulous for one another,” says Pavlos’s cousin Prince Michael of Greece. “As in the case of all our families, we’ve been around for a certain number of centuries, and Marie-Chantal brought fresh air. Not that we needed it, but it’s always good to have fresh air. She made Pavlos blossom. And he did a lot for her also."

These guys could practically be Austrian.  Except for they're Greek.  Also, Pavlos reports that for a successful marriage:

“You’ve got to be comrades”.

A rather populist statement for a rather unpopulist persona.  But whatever, they're beautiful people.  They clearly like to take care of their family and have fun - who doesn't? Marie-Chantal always looks stylish, dressed up or dressed down, tiara or no. And did I mention she birthed four children? Lookin' good in my book.

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