Monday, July 18, 2011

Exotic America: Burger and fries...

I'm back, I'm back! Sincere apologies for the absence from the blogosphere but we just returned from a jaunt to California (as if the initial time zones and changes for DB weren't enough) - San Francisco, Carmel and Big Sur were on tap, and no jaunt to California is complete without an In-n-Out Burger.  Best burgers on the road.  Period.  If you're visiting California, you must eat one.  Period. 

Burgers is all they have - no fish sticks, no chicken wings, no whatever else.  Only burgers...which are made when you order them...and fries...which are cut on the premises from actual potatoes...and milkshakes...which are made from ice cream.  Simple menu with simple ingredients but made the same way as when this iconic chain open up in 1948 pioneering the drive-thru concept of a speaker box (though you can go inside as well.

It's exotic and it's American...mmmmm.

Photos by The New Diplomat's Wife.

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