Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcoming me to the modern era...stripes or dots?

In an effort to repatriate more effectively and get with modern times, I have been broken and swayed to get an iphone.  And then I broke down diplo-husband to do the same.  So Apple's domination of our home electronics is now complete I think.

I read in an interview that Nadja Swarovski forces herself to buy a new phone every year - not because she needs one, but because she felt it was a way of keeping up with technology in a world where you can quickly get left behind and that left a bit of a mark on me.  The only thing I hate more than being tied to a cell phone is the threat of being irrelevant in old age.

Now if there are two things that weren't already obvious about me, I don't really care for change and I don't really care for cell phones.  If you call me, there is a 98% chance I probably won't pick up.  Not intentionally but usually this is because I have either left my phone somewhere (I lose my phone about 3 times a year), am working, or I forgot to turn my ringer back on.  But the fact of the matter is that in my day job, especially as I work remotely, I'm on the phone at least 6 hours a day if not more.  So in my free time, I like the fact that I can't be reached every second of the day.  I don't like the phone - but most other people do, swhich is why I even have one.  No one ever understands why I'm never available by phone so I've definitely had to issue some apologies about why I never pick up over the years.

So with that mind, you might wonder why I'm bothering with the iphone.  But as far as I can tell, the iphone is pretty much everything but a phone.  When you go to their website, the phone functionality is like the 17th thing they mention on all the things that it does.  It's the phone for people who hate phones from what I can tell.  So that combined with Nadja's insistence that we all keep up before we become irrelevant and all the change related to our move forced me to try something new (egads!).

They say that for this fancy schmancy phone you need to have a cover - so since we're going a little crazy, stripes or dots (or zebra?)?

All iphone covers from Kate Spade.

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