Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A night at the Opera...

Well, it wasn't really a night at the opera but a night at the ballet.  But the ballet was at the Opera house, and it was both the last performance I'll see, and also the last date night diplo-husband and I will have here in Vienna just the two of us.

On tap was the Vienna Ballet's homage to Jerome Robbins, an American choreographer  - while he did ballet, he's perhaps best known for his Broadway work, which includes West Side Story.  Yet another example Manuel Legris bringing some fresh perspectives to Vienna - I personally found to be this show to be one of the best yet. 

Glass Pieces, set to Phillip Glass, captures the feeling of being lost in the hustle and bustle and made me think of what it will be like to return to my actual office once back in the US.  The second piece, Into the Night, set to Chopin's nocturne's literally brought tears to my eyes and how perfect for Vienna that it ended with the three couples waltzing off the stage quietly.  My husband made fun of me of course, but I saw him watching pretty closely too so I'm not the only one cueing the waterworks on that piece. 

The show wrapped up with more Chopin and a "charade in one act" called In The Concert.  Poking a bit of fun at nearly every ballet cliche, this had the audience, including myself, laughing out loud and what a treat to end on such a high note. This was all the more relevant since the piece intentionally has dancers out of sync with each other, which unfortunately often happens with the Vienna Ballet in a much less comic sense - calling attention to that fault seemed to come very naturally to the corps.  We ended in laughter but we should have ended on our feet - it really is some of their best work, but what can I say, Vienna is a tough crowd.

A final Sacher torte and melange were waiting for us after the show at the one and only Hotel Sacher, which is how every performance should end in my opinion (and in the opinion of many Viennese).  Good-bye for now Staatsoper, we'll be back soon!

And let these dancing shoes inspire you to plie over to click below and cast your vote!

All photography from Staatsoper.

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