Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cowboys of Lower Austria...

Diplo Repost: One of the best parts about going back to Austria is seeing old friends!

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent this past weekend in the Austrian countryside and this was probably the most "authentic" weekend we've had our entire stay here, thanks to our lovely friends from the city who took us to their country estate.  Strudel! Dumplings! Leiderhosen! Schnapps! Crackling fires! Cows! Stag horns! Perfectly behaved children! People in town who don't speak English! We were practically one step away from becoming Von Trapps ourselves!

Despite some rain throughout, it didn't dampen our spirits - if anything, it just  made all the colors more electric.  And I was not to be deterred by my footwear either.  One look at my fire engine red wellies and our host declared I was fit to walk Fifth Avenue but not much else- all the more so since we tossed diplo-baby in the ergo, and walking when you can't see in front of you in the rain takes a bit of skill.  And better footwear.  A small hike led us to some deep caves - and our hostess even had Haribo Gummi Bears (pronounce "Goomi") "fur alles wanderer!".

The estate is home to the owners herds of Scottish Highland cows, organically raised on free-range pasture - further reinforcing my desire to come back as an Austrian alpine cow in a future life. 

It took us nearly our entire stay here in Vienna to get to do something like this, but I think we learned more in two days about Austria than we did in two entire years prior.  Here are a few shots from our quick jaunt to countryside. And my Fifth Avenue Fire Engine Red wellies.

All photography by The New Diplomat's Wife.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! And how incredibly cool to get to spend some time where you did.


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