Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking ahead to 2011...

As usual, I'm running late with everything, including my New Year's Resolutions.  A great start! I've been thinking about them for some time but just needed to get organized in terms of putting pen to paper.  So here we go - here's what's on tap, at least ideally, for 2011.

1.  Be a good mom.
Sounds trite I know, but given that I'm brand new at this, I thought I would start with a broad brush.  I am 100% without experience in the mom department so am looking to be a good role model, caregiver, all while having some semblance of my own act together (a disheveled woman with crazy eyes in her pyjamas is no role model for a small infant).  A friend of mine gave me the advice of "be zen" since if you're stressed, your child picks up stress so that's the goal.

2. Be more patient, be more kind.
Another broad brush one, but this is one I have every year.  I can become easily consumed by all these "important" things I have to do, and sometimes it makes me not so nice, or sometimes, it makes me whiz by, when I really should stop and just pay attention to who I'm with.  I'd like to think I get a little better, a little more gracious every year, but still definitely have lots of room for improvement.

3. Be bikini-ready by June.
What New Year's list is complete without a weight-loss resolution? After popping out a babe, I have some work to do here.  The benefit of popping out a ten and a half pound baby, is that some of the weight takes care of itself - but some will have to be some good old-fashioned sweat. I'm no Gisele to bounce back after 6 weeks, so am giving myself to the start of summer, as I know that if I don't do it by then, I will spend the rest of the summer pouting about it.  Only 8 pounds to go!  But something tells me those will be the toughest. I plan on rewarding mysel with a fab new swimsuit.

4. Complete the Vienna Half Marathon.
Last year, some girlfriends and I ran the marathon as a relay.  But this year, I think I'd like to tackle the race by my lonesome, more to show that "I can do this", but also to help with Resolution #3.  Time to dig out those dusty running shoes.  No goal for time, only goal is to finish.

5.  See Dubai, the Wonderland.
Seriously, I must be the only person left that hasn't seen Dubai.  It's ridiculous.  All the more so because I've had lots of opportunities to go but they've always been ill-timed.  Given that we're closer to it from here than we will be once we're Stateside, I'm looking to make a long weekend to the miracle of the Middle East happen before this whole place implodes on itself.

6.  See Schoenbrunn Palace.
This is also ridiculous.  I live in Vienna.  How is it that I haven't seen this place?  Same applies to the Hofburg, although I've technically been inside for a ball, just not as a tourist.

7.  House on the Shore
We had such a wonderful time in Tunisia last year when we rented a big house and pool, and invited our friends to just come on by.  We didn't get organized enough to do it this year and regretted it so it's on tap again, especially since travel isn't the easiest now that everyone seems to have kiddies in tow.  Tunisia likely won't be the location this year, but perhaps something in the Americas, or on the Eastern Shore for part of the summer.  Location TBD.

8.  Celebrate my birthday with a sock hop.
My husband always rolls his eyes at me when I say this and wishes I would stop nagging about it, but I have always been dying to have a sock hop.  I love oldies, I love doo-wop, I love young Elvis, I love bands with the names "The Ronettes"....I'd love to have a theme party complete with poodle skirts and a soda fountain, just twistin' the night away.

9.  Make more soup.
This was one I was supposed to be working on this year, but it slipped away.  I did manage to figure out how to make stock this year but now need to figure out how to take it one step further and make soup.  I don't know why I don't know how to do this, but it's just not in my repertory of skills.  My grandmother and mother both pros at soups, and it's a staple in any Polish household so I look woefully underskilled compared to them.  Must remedy.

10.  Make the most of Vienna.
I came to Vienna with the expectation of a sleepy, old-school European capital.  I got the old-school part right, but have surprised myself to have a wonderful time, and now two years have come and gone and I can't believe soon we'll have to leave.  We still have six months and I'm looking to make the most of it - expect "to do" lists for Vienna in the future!  Also, I'll be starting a "Vienna Black Book" feature to archive all of my short lists I answer for questions I get like "Where should we go for brunch?", "Where should I take my parents?", and "I'm all dressed up, now where should I go?".

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