Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Report All Suspicious Activity!

On this past trip to Washington, my brother snapped a pic of my nearly one-year old niece staying the every vigilant citizen in DC's public places.

During the heyday of the color coded danger and security warnings in Washington, DC (which never seemed to either rise above or fall below the color orange), the city was seemingly plastered in public service posters, announcements, placards and stickers urging all residents and visitors to report "all suspicious activities" and "suspicious packages".  These were found in all means of public transportation, as well as government and private buildings and, my personal favorite, on the side of highways.  They symbolized somewhat of an "era", a DC of a decade ago now, when fear was very much a present part of the psyche, but was also a governing public principle that was widely advertised.  I still see the signs but not as often as I used to, and my niece's observing and suspicious look reminded me of when these warnings used to be much more prevalent.

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