Monday, July 19, 2010

Diplo-Style: Dita von Teese

It's perhaps an unconventional choice but I've always been intrigued by Dita von Teese.  Not so much by her marriage to Marilyn Manson, which I've found to be an odd pairing (even more so when he ran off with 19-year old Evan Rachel Wood, who then started dressing exactly like Dita), but more because of the throwback style that looks so natural on her despite the fact that it was entirely developed by her for her persona.

Dita's is not a look that I would copy item for item (though one shouldn't copy anyone's look anyway)- my workplace is no place for corsets and cherry-bomb red lipstick, and it would be a bit much for Vienna.  They're retro but perhaps not quite yet at burlesque.  But she embodies the whole notion of a woman "getting ready" for an event, even if it's just to sashay down the sidewalk.  And she doesn't do it by pumping herself full of face fillers and fake baking, but by doing her hair, staying out of the sun, exhibiting good posture, knowing when and where to cover up (and when and where not to), and most importantly, by clearly having a good tailor on hand.

And also, the woman sings from a life-sized champagne glass...where do I even get one of those?

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