Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Object of my affection....

Every so often there's an object or item that catches my eye, or catches my fantasy.  Not always practical, but just something that you see and makes you feel as though "I just have to have it"....Every once in awhile I'll cave in and treat myself, and every once in awhile, I let it slide and remember it fondly somewhere on down the road (where inevitably I ended up wishing I bought it on the first go around...)

Today's "objet" is the Carrington Crystal Bow necklace from J.Crew - I've been hemming and hawing about it for some time since it came out and I might just have to bite the bullet.  First of all, it's named "Carrington", and immediately brings back memories of watching Dynasty reruns in my grandparents' apartment in Poland - 80's style drama with completely monotone Polish voiceover performed by the completely monotone gentleman that provided all of the voiceovers for all imported programming in Poland well until after fall of the Wall.  It was an era all its own, all the more poignant with the recent passing of John Forsythe, who played the inevitable genleman in Blake Carrington. He would still be at the height of fashion in Central Vienna.

The necklace seemingly combines just the right mix of modern edge in the chains, with nods to the Hapsburg empire through the crystals, and of course, bows never go out of style in Vienna.  So the only question now is "antique gold" or "dark charcoal"?

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