Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A bit of U.S. History Abroad...

We've just touched down for a bit of a whirlwind trip to the US, lots going on here but good news is that the blog will finally switch over to its new design (promise!) on October 1 so things will finally be starting to get back to normal!
In the meantime, since we're here in the US this week, taking a bit of time to really re-introduce our daughter to things like the American flag and what it stands for.  If you've been reading over on A Toddler in the Trees, you might have caught the post about my daughter thinking she’s Danish.  Since then, it dawned on me that she really didn’t know that much about US History in the same context that we would have had just by living here.
Teaching American history to third culture kids with US History Abroad
Granted, she’s four, so it’s not as though I’m looking for her to be a historian, but in thinking about the conversation we were having around Facebook and otherwise about some of the feelings she was going through, I started to wonder if I should be bringing in a little more for her myself.  Part of it is a question of individual knowledge – I’m a political science and international relations buff by background so I inherently think history is important.  But there’s also a collective knowledge portion, a feeling of belonging to a particular history or community.  Just because we don’t live in the US, doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have that sense of history from there.

That feeling, plus the requirements on our kids for when they do return to kids, is exactly why Alix Bryant, a fellow foreign service mom started something called US History Abroad. It targets kids from kindergarten level onwards who aren’t living in the US but have a need to know a little bit more about who we are and the historical background we come from.  While our own tot is still a bit young this year, it got me to thinking how we might start to think about her education in the future and thought it might help any other fellow third culture US parents out there and I wanted to share a few thoughts in a little interview with Alix.  Check out her thoughts, as well as all the info on how to get enrolled over on A Toddler in the Trees !

Monday, August 10, 2015

A few you might have missed...

Traveling and redesigning, redesigning and traveling...more of the same! But back home for a bit and looking forward to bringing a bit of a steady schedule.  We were in North Dakota for two weeks and who knew, but it turned out to be the perfect summer spot.  Sunny, mid-eighties and pool afternoons - not to mention my mother's and grandmother's cooking, as well as old friends and family - what more could you ask for?

In the meantime, a few posts you might have missed over on A Toddler in the Trees:

- Little Video: A visit to Fuglebjaard Farm!
- Princess Isabella and the Nature School
- Lazy Summer Beach Days in Hornbaek

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Home to North Dakota...

Bet you thought that photo was from North Dakota right ? It's actually from Denmark but just goes to show how this place can be my home state's doppelgänger sometimes.

I'm headed home for a bit of family time - and with two kids in tow, something tells this is going to be a long trip - wish me luck!

In the meantime, a few favorite posts on ND from years past!

- A Pow Wow in Black and White - if you've never been to one, put it on your list!
- Zandbroz, my favorite Fargo place for inspiration
- North Dakota sunsets, still some of the best around
- Glad we're not visiting in the wintertime again!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Halcyon House Days in Australia...

You know, I've never been one of those people that longs after Australia.  Which is not to say I wouldn't love it - I suspect that I would.  But given how far it is and how much there is taking up our travel time, I just never really put it top of my list, figuring we'd get there eventually.

But in thumbing through some of the magazines that arrived in a huge bulk shipment to our place the other day, this place caught my eye.  It's called the Halcyon House, on Cabarita Beach in Australia.  I don't even know where that is, but by the looks of it, I bet it's a surf spot.

Summer in Denmark has been lovely so far and we've really been enjoying the ocean that's just 15 minutes walk from our house, but the ocean here is a cold one and summer just means that it doesn't rain every day.  This isn't quite the summer where you soak up golden rays wearing breezy linens and I've noticed that right around mid July, people seem to long for just a little bit of that.  Either you actually decamp to France or Spain for a little bit of that true summer feel, or you look at pictures like these and day dream a little bit.

There was something familiar about this place as I read through it.  A little bit reminiscent of the Hamptons? Maybe...it does have that surf lodge kind of feel to it.  But it was the blue thing...and then I read that the hotel was done by the same people that did the JK Place, a fave from Capri and now from Rome.  There is just something about their style that blends a feeling of home with the certainty of vacation ever so seamlessly.  So maybe Australia moves up on the list!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Don't You Forget About Me...

don't, don't, don't... is that song stuck in your head now? Good, then we're in it together.

But seriously, don't forget about me! The redesign is around the corner - well maybe not just one corner, maybe it's around a few corners but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I'll have a  couple of posts up next week but the thing is, once you decide to redesign something like a blog, you want all the new content to fit the new format! Gah - what to do! Don't worry, it won't be all wacky new, but it will be a much better way to find things and hopefully, a few prettier pictures!

In the meantime, lots of good stuff in the past couple of weeks over on A Toddler in the Trees, and a few pieces that have spurned some discussion on being an expat and third culture kid, and how different places approach schooling.  Have a look if you missed them!

P.S. Lovely roses, n'est-ce pas? From our drive though Lolland island a couple of weeks ago.  Denmark is crazy for roses right now...
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